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Choosing the Right Media Wall

When you are organizing an event that requires a media wall or logo wall backdrop it is important to choose the right one. You should be aiming at something of good quality, that looks professional when up. A good media wall should show the frame sides all you want to be able to see is the print itself. You also want the fabric or vinyl to be properly stretched so there is no sagging. Why are such small details important? Here we will discuss that further and look at a few options.

Why is the right media wall important?

This is all about consumers, attracting attention and brand awareness. You need your backdrop to look as professional as possible as that reflects on you. If it looks old, tired, not stretched well or anything else that affects its impact, this says you are less than professional too. Whether it is being used for a red carpet event, trade show or corporate event, you need it to be able to last for the whole time and remain looking in peak condition. You do not want your name or logo associated with anything less than quality.

Using the right company

When you order something like a logo wall backdrop there are a number of companies you could use, but make sure they are experienced and do good work. You will want your wall delivered on time, have accurate colors and not be dinged up by any transportation. A big issue is often colors that are not the right shades. Logos are recognizable by their shape and design of course, but also by the colors. For example, the yellow UPS uses is totally different to the one McDonald's uses. The print should be seamless and the frames hidden. If it is not done right the first time you will have to send it back and have it all done again.

Just a few of the wall options

A few main wall options include;

  • Pop up display – Simple and easy to set up, specially designed for exhibitions, shows, media events, and conferences. Come in various sizes, the printed graphics are easy to change, the frame is light, it is easy to carry around and pack up and comes with a carry bag.

  • Straight walls – Can make longer or keep shorter used as room dividers, walls and screens, logo wall backdrop and billboards for indoors. Can also come in different sizes and adaptable for different events. Also can be double or single sided.

  • Curved walls – Similar to straight walls in use and for types of events but adds a bit of a design flair as they are curved. You can position them so they are wave-shaped, S-shaped, concave or convex.

  • Single or double-sided – Simply what it says. If people are going to be moving past both sides of the media wall you might want to have it double sided. If they will only be seeing one side keep it single.

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