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Should I visit Japan to find the best beef in the world

Are you tired of spending money on hard and fibrous meat? Are you looking for a place to find quality meat? We all love tender meat. So soft that we hardly need to chew it to melt in our mouth. Yes, that's the kind of meat we all want to find in the butcher shop.

Unfortunately, the hardness of beef is variable in each animal. Breeding conditions, food and stress level of the animal before being slaughtered can affect the quality of final product. For example, beef from Kobe, Japan, is famous for its tender meat and balanced distribution of fat and muscle tissue. Do Kobe's cattle have something special? Yes. Actually, Wagyu species, from which Kobe beef is obtained, is indigenous to Japan. Under ideal conditions, this animal offers an excellent performance related to meat and milk production.

However, breeding and feeding is everything to guarantee a quality meat. Kobe beef is usually fed with rice. Interestingly, those who raise these animals often sing and caress them frequently. In this way they reduce the stress of the animal, so that its meat is much tenderer. In addition to water, they give alcoholic beverages to their animals, such as beer and sake, a craft drink made from fermented rice.

The cattle that are raised in artisanal farms, following ancestral methods of breeding, usually have more fat content in their meat than those cattle that were raised in modern farms.

Apparently, animal psychology plays a very important role in the quality of meat. On farms in Germany and Saudi Arabia, the most powerful dairy companies often put classical music on cows to produce more milk.

Australia is one of the leading beef producers in the world. Meat that it produces is so good, that its quality is ideal for export. In fact, in 2017, Australia was the third largest meat exporter in the world, exporting more than 1.3 million tons that year. Its production of export meat is only surpassed by Brazil and India and its closest competitor is United States.

The city of Perth is famous for its prime beef production. Their butcher shops are recognized throughout the country for their poultry and sausages. Have you heard about the award winning Perth ham? Perth is also famous for its artisanal production of raw and cooked hams. The award winning Perth ham is another product with export quality, much sought after in United States and European countries.

There’s nothing better than a piece of fresh bread, some slices of Perth ham and a little mustard. This is perhaps one of Australians' favorite appetizers and you can only get it at a butcher shop in Perth. If you want to find the best butcher in Pert, you should ask the locals.

Locals are very friendly and you can talk to them as you do with a friend. Surely, many of them will tell you where to find the best Butcher Perth. Now you know where to find the best meat in all of Australia.
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