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What are the common mistakes in the performance appraisal process?

To help you always refine the performance appraisal process, we’ll point out some common mistakes in execution.

Ignorance of objectives
Before applying the performance evaluation, even before building a questionnaire, it is necessary to understand what the organization needs and wants . Processes must have a well-defined strategy, motives and objectives .

Lack of engagement of managers and directors
This difficulty is a direct consequence of the previous error. If the people management area executes a process just for the sake of executing, it will not get leaders and top management to engage.

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Unpreparedness of evaluators
There is no point in the process being well tied and the managers understand its importance if the execution is flawed, right? Assessors need to master the tool and have a thorough understanding of the performance assessment process - objectives and impacts - to make a quality measurement.

Unpreparedness in people management
Another facet is the lack of ability to manage people. If the evaluators are not able to provide adequate feedback and promote human development , there is no tool to supply the unpreparedness. Performance evaluation is a profound, continuous people management practice that requires this skill.

For this reason, HR must always invest in training leaders to manage their teams as well as they manage their processes and results. We need to stop being the one who solves the managers' problems and become the one who prepares them to do all the people management.

Lack of feedback
Applying a performance appraisal and giving no feedback to the appraised employee is unacceptable. It does not contribute to development and does not enhance results.

In the same way, incomplete and inadequate feedbacks are big mistakes. It is necessary to prepare the evaluators for this crucial moment in the performance evaluation process.
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