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A career in Computer Engineering

The professional trained in Computer Engineering is capable of designing and building hardware and software.

The hardware consists of the physical part of the computer, its structures and components and its peripherals (such as keyboard, mouse and monitor). In this area, the computer engineer integrates the machine's electronic circuits and develops connection plates between the equipment and its accessories.

In the area of software development, the computer engineer creates computer programs and applications for the most diverse purposes.

Another area in which a computer engineer can work is the field of industrial and robotics automation . He develops robots and digital systems for factories and industries.

It is also common for this professional to work in the support and management of computer networks in large companies.

The academic career is another option for a computer engineer, who can teach classes for technical and professional courses. For those who choose to continue their studies by doing a master's and doctorate there is the option of working in universities as professors and researchers.

To exercise the profession of computer engineer, it is necessary, in addition to a bachelor's degree at an institution accredited by MEC, to obtain a registration with CREA (Regional Council for Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy).

Profile of the professional graduated in Computer Engineering
A good computer engineer must have an affinity for mathematics , liking technology and programming languages.

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Like any professional in the technology area, this engineer needs to keep up with scientific and technological advances in the area in which he works. Being up to date on news is essential to remain competitive in the job market.
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