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Considering the Children During a Divorce

One of the more complex issues of a divorce is when children are involved. At the end of the day, children must be protected, and that issues surrounding the responsibilities of both parents are addressed. You may have some very strong emotions in regards to  your ex-partner, but they still have rights to assist in the raising of their children. Family legal advice in Perth will help you navigate this tough issue.

Find lawyers who will fight for your childrens rights

Parenting agreements must be made in order to cater for the best interests of a child. You need legal advice from lawyers who are experienced and compassionate. Children are usually the most emotionally impacted during a separation or divorce. With a professional family lawyer on your side, you have a sounding board and someone who can ensure the outcome of parenting agreements are in the best interests of your children, protecting your children as best as they can.

  • Have a lawyer ready when making formal arrangements such as separation and divorce.

  • There are processes that both partners need to attend to before you get to court. This includes family dispute resolution, where your lawyer can help make sure the correct process is followed.

  • If you and your ex-partner are able to come to an agreement on a parenting plan, that can be the end of the process. However, anything not ordered by a court is not legally binding.

  • If with family legal advice in Perth, you have not reached an agreement, you can then apply to the court for a parenting order. This is a legal court-ordered determination that both parents must follow that tells them how the children will be cared for now.

  • There is also the issue of child support. This is something your lawyer can help you with. It is a complex process, there is no single and easy formula and every couple is considered independently to assess who pays what. Things like who the children are living with, who has the bigger income, what other settlement arrangements have been made, and so on.


It is very important to prioritise protecting your children. Make sure that your children  are represented. Make sure you seek the legal advice needed to protect their best interests. There are a lot of options when it comes to lawyers, take some time to find one with a solid reputation and a long track record in not just divorces, but in parenting agreements and orders. You can ask them about what your rights are, what the expectations are of you as a parent, and also what financial support is required too.
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