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Do not trust, the incognito mode of your browser is not so anonymous

There are many services, platforms and applications that we can find on the Internet, but at the same time we must be careful about security and privacy here. For all this we have our browsers and their integrated functions, but at the same time we must take other additional precautions. This is the case of the incognito mode of the browser that we will focus on next.

We must bear in mind that these two terms that we have just mentioned are among the most important at this time in the world of technology . Of course, how could it be otherwise, this is something that is especially extensible when we talk about the Internet and the dangers that this entails on certain occasions. And it is not to be alarmist, but it is true that attacks in this way are more complex than ever, although we also have better security measures.
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Something very similar happens with everything related to the privacy of our data, in fact both terms in most cases go hand in hand. But let's not forget that the browsers we are talking about, such as Chrome , Edge or Firefox , help us greatly in this regard. But yes, we must be clear about the functions that we have at our disposal here, and if we are using them in a convenient way. This is the case, for example, of the incognito mode or private window that we find in many browsers.

We comment precisely on this because some think that by opening a session in a private or incognito window, everything is already resolved in terms of privacy that we mentioned.
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