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How can a server crash harm a company?

When we talk about problems in the business world, the first thing we usually ask ourselves is what the economic impact of an event will be. Although it is difficult to establish specific figures - since the calculations depend on multiple factors, such as the activity of the company or the number of services that are affected by the fall - we can see, as an example, some of the aspects in which a server crash can hurt your business.

- Loss of sales
Imagine that the server that is supporting the web page through which your company makes a good part of its sales (maybe all!) Goes down.

Loss of service, even for just a few hours, can do a lot of financial damage. All the people who try to carry out their purchases during that time and cannot do it will probably choose to use pages (those of the competition) that are working. And not only that. It is possible that some of those people, disappointed by not being able to use your page, will not do it again in the future.

- Loss of productivity
Now imagine that the server is supporting some important services in your company, such as certain programs with which your staff works. The server crash will make your people unable to use them for a while, perhaps preventing their work, which will affect their productivity.

In addition, these types of problems, returning to the previous point, can also affect your customers. Imagine that the server that crashed was serving the software that supports billing. This stops working and, therefore, for a long time your customers are also affected when making their purchases. Bad business ...

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- Image problems
The above is an example that, in turn, also helps us introduce other types of problems, such as those derived from the bad image that can be transmitted to customers. And the fact is that the fall of a web page or a billing system will not only affect the specific moment in which they occur, but will also transmit a negative image of the company, with all the negative consequences that this may entail.
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