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Magnolia Capital Offers a Boutique of Financial Services for Businesses in Australia

There would be thousands and thousands of businesses in Australia who would have had to face rejection from banks and other financial institutions when seeking a business loan. Magnolia Capital is an innovate boutique firm that offers an array of financial services to businesses. The company dons the role of financial aggregator and financial services provider so that they can offer the best financial services even if those services are not in-house.

Magnolia Capital is a boutique firm that takes a non-traditional approach to financing. It implements technology, business management techniques and a completely transparent model that’s a welcome change for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners that want to build, expand and grow a profitable enterprise. The firm is a one-stop resource for financing, attorneys, accountants and business experts that transform enterprises of all types.

For a startup capital infusion by venture capitalists or raising private funding for business growth can sometimes be a daunting task and we are all aware that just a handful of companies are able to raise those $$$. For some individuals, private lending may be a more advantageous route for startups and established business owners and it’s an area in which Magnolia Capital can assist through its extensive network of lenders.

The firm can help with private lending resources for short-term funding, first and second mortgages, equity release, and unsecured loans of up to $250,000 for purposes ranging from expansion and cash flow needs to inventory acquisition.

Another service that the company excels at is providing startups and small companies with accounting and compliance services. Many startups and small businesses while concentrating on business growth do not have complete understanding of company law, taxation and business accounting. Magnolia Capital helps with accounting and compliance, companies can consult the company on things related to accounting and compliance.

About Magnolia Capital
Magnolia Capital is an innovative management consulting companies which utilizes the old-fashioned way and combines it with new age technologies to deliver services that are unmatched in capital, finance and advice. We focus on the basic principles, implementation of technology and simplistic business management techniques to help build powerful, cash flowing enterprises that can achieve long lasting and consistent financial results. We have developed some of the strongest relationships with tax advisors, accountants, finance providers and lawyers to be the ultimate one-stop shop to transform businesses and improve outcomes.

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Magnolia Capital
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Website: magnoliacapital.com.au
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