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how to become a printer technician?

The Printer Technician is a professional who installs new printers, configure printers on network, maintain and ensures the proper function of standalone printers, scanners or Network Printers. The Printer Technician takes care of the regular and routine repairs including replacements such as new ink cartridges. The Printer Technician must be comfortable copying, faxing, producing images and other printer-related issues. As a professional, working in coordination with information technology staff, you will assist in resolving underlying problems with the network.

The technician should organize timely checks and maintenance of all the printing equipment. The professional will have to identify and resolve malfunctions, and hardware failures. They have to keep themselves updated with the training activities of new software and other equipment. It is their responsibility to install any new software and upgrade the existing one. They should have a good understanding of laser printer and their components as well.

The Printer Technician must make sure that the maintenance and service activities will not disturb the regular work flow. They have to keep checking on the defective parts and replace them from time to time. The professional should also keep in mind to check if the paper is fixed appropriately in the printer. They should have a good understanding of all hardware and software related issues of printers.

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