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Russia buys three-quarters of Bitcoin? Fake News Hafening

Last week (January 14-20) I heard a lot of news from the blockchain world. Etherium hardfork was eventually put on hold, and a computer error occurred at the Cognest of the cryptocurrency exchange, which resulted in '990,000 won for Bitcoin'. I'd like to take a look at a lot of news: regulated sandboxes, a blockchain project in Wordpress, and fake news about a Russian bitcoin purchase.
I heard that the regulated sandbox has been in effect since last week. What is the regulated sandbox?

A If there is a sandbox with soft sand, parents will be able to let their children play as much as they like. Such a regulation sandbox is a system that exempts or suspends regulations for a certain period of time when products and services in new technology and business sectors are released, unless the life and safety of the people are compromised. Singapore and Japan have also introduced a regulated sandbox system since Britain first introduced it in 2014 to promote the FinTech industry. Also, the regulated sandbox is one of the '5 Regulatory Reforms' proposed by the National Assembly in March 2018 and has been in effect since January 17.

What are the benefits?

The world is changing faster than before. Especially, technology is getting faster. But the law is hard to keep pace with this change. Even if law changes as fast as technology, that's a problem. Can we trust the law if it changes like a technology trend? But there are companies that are suffering from the dilemma of technology development and the follow-up of the law. I wanted to make a product by applying new technology and launching it in the market, but the laws that were created in the context of the past were more limited. Regulatory sandboxes were introduced to address this. First of all, let's allow it, and if there's a problem later, we're going to regulate it. It's good news for companies that have struggled with regulation because it's less complicated than the "Position of this!" which allows them to stick to.

How can I apply for a regulated sandbox?

A When you access the 'ICT Regulatory Sandbox' homepage, there is a corresponding application form for every area you want to apply for. You can complete this and send it to the e-mail address of the person in charge on your homepage.

The application for a regulated sandbox is divided into four main areas. If the regulations are ambiguous, there are 'quick verification', 'exception confirmed' that responds to regulations within 30 days, 'exception special' that can apply in case there is a void or difficult application of laws, 'immediate approval' that can be applied in case there is a void or difficult application of laws, and 'collective 's' that are conducted in a lump-sum review.

Since its launch on 17th, there has been a flood of inquiries and an emergency briefing session will be held on the 7th floor of the Seongneung Hyundai Tower (Korea Internet Business Association & Space) on January 24-25 at 2-4 p.m. If you visit, you can learn how to fill out the documents and ask questions yourself.

Did any of the Q blockchain companies apply for a regulated sandbox?

A. Block chain startup (MOIN) applied for a special demonstration and temporary authorization on the first day of enforcement of the regulated sandboxes. Momin offers a Stella-based overseas remittance service. Overseas remittances via blockchain are faster and lower than commercial banks. However, according to the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act of Korea, small amounts of money remittances have to go through complicated transfer processes and identification procedures, and the remittance limit is only $30,000 per person per year. She presented these problems and submitted an application form to raise the limit of the remittances.

Q Wordpress started a blockchain project and it was invested by famous companies.

A Right. WordPress's parent company, Automatics, partner companies, Spirit Media, and News Levine Hub, announced that they had invested a total of 2.4 million dollars in 2019, the first year of the project. The Google News Initiative has invested half of that $1.2 million, and the Etherium's block chain, Censis, has invested $350,000.

What is the blockchain project of Wordpress?

Founded in 2003, A Automatics provides an open-source content management system (CMS) "WORD"-based service to create websites and blogs. 32 percent of the world's Web sites use Wordpress. Wordpress is known to create a blockchain-based news platform called Newspack. The investment I received earlier is related to this news pack Newspack is an open source-based publishing platform. The company's goal is to help startups and small companies use efficient platforms at low cost and generate sustainable revenue. By mid-2019, news packs will be used for more than 10 news sites and are expected to be applied at more than 60 sites by 2020.

Q What does this news mean?

A has three meanings. The first is that Wordpress, which is used by many media companies such as Time and CNN, started a blockchain project. The amount invested in the first year is not big enough to sound like a huck. Rather, it may be less than the amount raised through existing ICO, but wouldn't it be meaningful for a company with an impact on the dotcom sector to pay attention to blockchain once the Internet era begins? Second, the target of Newspack includes not only big news media such as Time and CNN, but small startups and news media. If news packs are developed successfully, companies that are still struggling to make profits will be able to use CMS, which is a blockchain technology. Wordpress also offered 경마사이트
a goal of building sustainable journalism, because it was not just a tool for making money. The third is the participation of the concourse. Conscence invested in the Block Chain Journalism project CIVIL, which received favorable reviews for the quality of the project to form partnerships with existing influential media companies such as Forbes, but failed at ICO. The reason Conscence invests in news packs is to apply them to Sibil. Although the current blockchain, the crypto-cash market, has frozen, and the Concense case has reduced its manpower, investment and development in blockchain technology continues.
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