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Is it going to be the Gochang-Buan maritime border?24th public hearing

The Constitutional Court will hold an open hearing on the maritime border dispute between Gocheong and Buan in North Jeolla Province over the sea off Gusipo, where only bears.

The Constitutional Court will hold an open hearing on the power dispute at the Supreme Court in central Seoul at 2:30 p.m. on the same day, claiming that the disposal of Gochang and Buan violated the authority of the military.

Both Gochang and Buan counties are located in the north and south along the west coast of North Jeolla Province. Gomso Bay, located between them, has been under controversy for its jurisdiction because it is bordered by Buan County to the north and Gocang to the south.

Controversy began when the government announced the comprehensive plan for the offshore wind power complex in 2010 and the Korea Oceanic and wind power project began in 2016.

In the process, the company reported and repaired the location of the plant as a public area in Buan County, and charged the use of the water, but the Gochang County later claimed that it had infringed on its authority. Gochang County believes that although the sea in front of Gushipo is under the jurisdiction of Gochang County, the administrative actions were carried out unfairly in Buan County.

When Kochang County issued a license to its residents in the 2,99 and 3,000 Gomso Bay areas, 온라인경마
the Buan County responded, saying, "This violates Buan's autonomy." Buan argues that over the past 40 years, Gochang has not taken active measures to recognize fishing rights, ownership and jurisdiction.

Regarding maritime borders, Buan argues that maritime borders on national basic plans issued by the National Geographic Information Institute are effective without reference to the law, but Gochang believes that maritime boundaries are not consistent depending on the time of issue.

On top of this, even the National Geographic Information Service, which is the publisher, said, "The maritime border was marked in a proper place just to distinguish the belonging of the islands," arguing that it is not a dividing line between the local governments.

In an open hearing, the ministry will argue whether the ministry's repair and use of public stream areas is invalid because the self-governing authority of Gochang County is infringing upon or the fishing license of Gochang County infringed on the autonomy of Buan County.

In addition, the key issue is to define maritime borders on where jurisdiction over the waters between Gochang and Buan. In September last year, the Constitutional Court conducted a field test on the issue.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court's ruling will resume the public debate on the power struggle between the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seongnam City over the revision of the social security system and local subsidies taxes, and the jurisdictional dispute over the reclamation site between Sacheon-gun and Goseong-gun, South Gyeongsang Province.
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