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Let's form a national committee for media reform under the president.

The media and civic groups demanded that the law prohibit politicians from intervening in the selection of public broadcasting directors, and that the law should punish them if they violate it. Regarding the so-called "Integrated Broadcasting System" bill, which is a revised bill on the broadcasting law, he urged the government to form a "Media Reform People's Committee," a pan-social discussion body under the president's control.

The Korean Broadcasting Independent Citizens' Action (Citizens Action) held a press conference at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul, on the morning of July 22 and announced its position on the revision of the Broadcasting Law and the proposal of an integrated broadcasting bill. The move came after the National Assembly's Science, Technology and Information Broadcasting and Communication Committee opened a subcommittee on the review of information and communication broadcasting bills and started discussions on related bills.
"As the board of directors of KBS, MBC and EBS are now divided into political factions, we have always been caught in a political spiral and confused," said Kim Hwan-gyun, co-chair of the civic group. "The basic position of civic action is that it is time for political parties to deviate from the structure of governing the board of directors through sharing."

The civic action should reflect a partial revision of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Act in December last year. The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) appoints the members of the public broadcasting service to exercise its full authority, block and punish external influences such as politicians, reflect gender equality, regional identity, diversity, and reinforce the public participation system, public information verification system,경마사이트
and opinions of senior public broadcasting presidents, and public service members.

Park Seok-woon, co-chairman of the civic group Citizens' Movement, said, "The reason why candlelight vigils criticized the protesters for being an accomplice in the media," adding, "The political circle is saying that the number is seven to four and six to three." They should not be left to each party's own devices. We need to go through public discussion.

As the Broadcasting Reform Committee created the current broadcasting law system in 1998, some demanded that the Media Reform National Committee be formed. The civic action raised the need for a pan-social discussion organization, which includes the government, media, various classes of people, academia, and civil society.

The civic group pointed out on the 11th that the integrated broadcasting bill proposed by Rep. Kim Sung-soo, a lawmaker of the Millennium Democratic Party, needs to be supplemented and has a significant impact on the media industry.

Chung Yeon-woo, co-chairman of the civic group Citizens' Coalition for Democracy, said, "The media environment is rapidly changing, as the term is not enough to be used for the opening of the world. "The road traffic laws and systems are the same as those in which self-driving cars fill roads," he said. "As we need to create laws, concepts, systems, and regulations based on a completely different era, we need to get people to join us once again to draw social consensus."

The major discussion tasks announced by the civic group include new regulations on terrestrial and public broadcasting, granting of public responsibility, regulation on the expansion of control of global media capital such as OTT, promotion of regional and diversity, promotion of traditional media, innovation and reorganization of media regulatory bodies, and the enhancement of freedom of people's rights and expression. It announced that it needs to institutionalize alternatives and prospects that are created as a result of discussion through policies and laws.

"In recent years, there have been many criticisms that there have been no big pictures at the government level, which is the main body that needs to protect and strengthen the diversity of media and the public," the civic group said. We hope to set up and implement tasks for media reform and sustainable development through social discussions.
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