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Taxes paid between 15 and 64 will be allocated to 106 trillion won and 57 trillion won aged between 0 and 14.

Of the taxes paid by the 15-64-year-olds, 106 trillion won is allocated by the government to 57 trillion won for those aged 14 or younger and 49 trillion won for senior citizens.

It is estimated that the transfer of historical records between parents and children between the ages of 15 and 64 will cost 94.3 trillion won (63 trillion dollars) and the elderly (25.6 trillion won).

The National Statistical Office explained that the net inflow of private-aged farming is larger than the net outflow of public-aged farming in Korea, and that the public sector plays a smaller role than the Northern European welfare countries.

The National Statistical Office (NSO) announced the "2015 National Transfer Account Development Results" for the first time on the 25th.

The national transfer accounts show how the financial burden is redistributed among households from 2010 to 2015 by showing the income and consumption of the entire population by age, public transfer, and private transfers between households and households.
As of 2015, the government will transfer the surplus of 106 trillion won from the taxes paid by실시간야동
the 15- to 64-year-olds to the young and elderly.

Those aged between 0 and 14 receive 56.6 trillion won mainly in education, health and other areas, and those aged 65 and older receive 49.4 trillion won in health, pension and social protection.

Net inflows through public transfers are the largest at 11.74 million won per person at age 10. The net outflow of money from public transfers per person is the highest at 6.36 million won at the age of 43.

As of 2015, the 15 to 64 year olds will net outflow of 94.3 trillion won due to private transfers to their children, such as inheritance and gift. The net outflow of 71.4 trillion won from children to children in households, compared with 22.8 trillion won from households.

Most of the children aged 0 to 14 have net inflow of 63 trillion won, while those aged 65 and older will have net inflow of 25.6 trillion won, including 17.2 trillion won between households and 8.5 trillion won within households.

Net inflows through private transfers are the largest at 14,930,000 won at the age of 16. The most net outflow is from the age of 47 to 9.93 million won per person.

In addition to public and private transfers, the total amount of assets redistributed among the ages is 112.8 trillion won.

Net outflow of 58.3 trillion won from public age redistribution and net inflow of 171 trillion won from private age redistribution.
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