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Air ducts are great places for mould developments. With air conditioning, water comes out and creates a fungal spot. The moulds grow in these pool of water, after which their slag forms transverse from the duct to each part of the house.

Your heating and cooling system can also draw in air from different parts of the house. This means that the ventilation system can still be a source of mould if out of focus.

The system unit outside your home is ideal for mildew because there is always water. The fungus often grows in water basins of the unit. The evaporator coil is also an essential point of the problem.

You must clean the duct regularly to prevent mould. Of course, you have to use duct mould removal thoroughly.

Follow the below of few steps to get rid of Mould from your ducts-

1) In general, keep the fan mode switch in "auto" mode on your system. When you switch it on, you recirculate all the moisture that accumulates in the evaporator coil in your house and the air conditioning system. With duct cleaning melbourne you wouldn't increase the humidity of your home; which would have cause mushroom problems everywhere.

2) Mould in air-conditioning cans adds a unique problem to the problem that is already annoying. The duct is difficult to access and obviously cannot be cleaned thoroughly as rooms in the house. Then, after the fungus has infected the duct, the spores of rust in the home can circulate when there is AC, which can cause fungal problems in other areas and health problems. , The sooner you solve the problem with the mould, it will be easier to solve, no matter where the infection is.

3) Install the ozone generator near the inlet air of the duct system. Generally, the inlet can be found through a duct connected to the air conditioner. You may need to bleed the pipe so that ozone can flow through the system. Cover all the openings where the duct can give off the air, using plastic. Use the ozone generator to do ozone shock treatment. This involves the use of high levels of ozone to kill fungi and bacteria. Reconnect the air supply to the AC unit if you need to disconnect it and start the AC supply as usual. Duct sanitising assist airflow pushes most of the dead mould out of the system.

4) If your heating and air duct cleaning system are infected with mould, you probably need a specialist to test and repair the whole place. Get Marks professional duct cleaning service to relief you of the stress.

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