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Enduser Support Technician

The Enduser Support Technician provides essential support to computer software development organizations, network systems vendors, software training companies and software and hardware manufacturers. The support technician forms the front line of assistance for customers encountering problems or defects with products and programs.

End-user Support Technicians deliver help to system users by responding to client queries, solving technical problems and retaining an organizational network, software and computer peripherals. They are also called desktop support technicians or computer support specialists depending upon the job roles within the companies.

The Technician addresses client telephone inquiries and emails. They provide on-call support to the user either at an organization’s office or a client-designated site. Support technicians diagnose client software, hardware, and network system problems. Telecom, IT, Network Operation Centers and Security Operation centres remain the primary employers of these technicians.

Enduser Support Technician Job Description:

The End User Support Technician usually works with most desktop related aspects like laptops, PCs, printers, scanners, and related peripherals to support the organization. The support professionals ensure database capturing asset linked details are accurate and up-to-date, mainly for patch management and catalogue reporting purposes. They focus on larger scale projects, including departmental requirements and patch management advantages.

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