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Certified Wireless Network Expert

The Certified Wireless Network Expert should understand wireless network design, protocol analysis, and spectrum analysis. The expert must handle issues related to wireless voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), intrusion detection and prevention, performance, and QoS analysis. The professional must find solutions for complex wireless problems within a large networking system.

The certified technician must have expert knowledge about Wireless LAN standards, wireless network architecture, WLAN operation, and other subjects. The professional should be able to install, configure, and troubleshoot any issues related to wireless network products and network administration. It is the responsibility of the certified wireless network expert to take care of the controller discovery methods of layer 2 and layer 3 roaming, and wireless controller configurations.

Job Description

The wireless network expert should be able to tackle problems with the routing, switching, and network design. They should have expert knowledge about complex topics such as 802.11 technology, enterprise design, and management. The other additional responsibilities include:

Ability to design and install 802.11 networks
Identify and resolve any issues related to the complex WLAN networks
Expert knowledge of wireless design and implementation
Utilize 802.11/WLAN vernacular effectively
Examine and evaluate the performance of wireless bridge
Maintain the wireless bridge installation and understand the configuration of each bridge
Assist in hardware and software procurement across the broad spectrum
Determine the link budget, path loss, and wave propagation principles for each wireless bridge model
Develop and deploy internal/external wireless and VoIP networks
Have proper knowledge about troubleshooting wireless systems and control software
Expert understanding of testing, measurement, and analysis techniques
Improve enterprise network design standards, build templates, and maintain documentation of network topology diagrams
Develop documentation standards and practices for wireless LAN networks
Improve the enterprise branch WLAN strategy, solutions, and ongoing technology enhancements
Assist in network drawings and device configurations that clients can use to operate implemented solutions

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Certified Wireless Network Expert
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