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Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist

Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialists are network professionals who plan, configure, install, support, and operate wireless LAN/WAN solutions. As they have experience with radio technologies linked with WLAN 802.11g standards, wireless LAN (WLAN) and applications, and bridge topologies and applications, they configure Wireless LAN products, including client devices, access points, accessories, and bridges, among others.

Specialists gather requirements, construct designs, and assist in installing, configuring, and fixing LANs, WANs, and WLANs for organizations with networks having nodes ranging from 100 to more than 500. They take responsibility for the Tier-1 support of the clients.

They should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, besides strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Job Description

Specialists have to analyze network traffic, fix network performance problems, and provide solutions for capacity planning. They identify, resolve, and document problems regarding hardware and software networks accurately and promptly.

It is the responsibility of analysts to train users and support them. They identify and resolve performance issues of the network. Freelance Cisco Wireless Networking Specialists plan and efficiency improvements, adjustments, and replacements of components of network infrastructure. They have to work with vendors and third-party providers, so that network products and services are secured.

Specialists deploy patching or monitoring system for all types of network equipment to ensure that the network is secure and functioning optimally.

Specialists define and implement policies and processes, have to train team members, besides generating, updating, and maintaining documentation of servers and network. They have to monitor, implement best security practices, and participate in disaster recovery.

Engineers must ensure that IP connectivity is in place for all application servers, workstations, and back-end office infrastructure. They must design, plan, and implement radio frequency (RF) network engineering.

Importantly, they should have extensive knowledge of VPN, WLAN, WAN, routing, and switching, and need to comply with regulatory, divisional, and policies and procedures of their organization.

Specialists maintain systems backups of a network, firewalls, including Cisco VPN, and execute precautionary measures and deploy, maintain and oversee network security.

They need to document network problems, network deployments, and see to it that wireless networks are running smoothly.

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Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist
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