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Popup Media Summer Sale with Savings on Backdrops for any Occasion

Popup Media announced that it’s not too late to take advantage of the company’s summer sale on event backdrops and media walls. Their backdrops are ideal for events ranging from conferences and gala dinners to award ceremonies and product launches.

A media wall Brisbane is an essential element of a well-planned event. A media wall provides a colourful and stable backdrop for your brand to obtain publicity photos. It increases awareness of brands, events and causes.

Media walls are an ideal way to obtain the attention of social media influencers too. The media wall backdrops photos display well on social media, help increase engagement and can be used to further the publicity after the event. A media wall Melbourne imbues any event with a sense of exclusiveness. The Popup Media backdrop is cost effective and provides an excellent return on investment.

Individuals, companies and organisations can have their media backdrop designed with their choice of graphics or logos. Otherwise media wall Melbourne backdrops templates can be downloaded to help those that want to design their own. The professionals at Popup Media can assist you with custom size options for the company’s eco-friendly, glare-free and seamless fabrics.

A media wall Melbourne is lightweight, versatile and reusable. They’re designed for easy set-up, don’t require tools for assembly and can be ready to use in just minutes. During the Popup Media Summer Sale individuals can save with special pricing on the following media wall Melbourne products:

• 2m wide x 2.3m high media wall that will easily accommodate two people
• 2.4m wide by 2.3m high media background for two to three individuals
• 3m wide by 2.3 high media wall that will suite three to five people
• 6m wide by 2.3m high media backdrop for six to eight people
• 3m wide by 2.3 high wide curved wall for three to five people
• 3m by 2.3m wide arc curved media wall for three to five individuals with high definition resolution and vivid colours
• 6m wide by 2.3 high curved media wall for six to eight people, with HD resolution and colour

Summer is full of festivals, speaking engagements and special events that can benefit from the addition of a media wall Brisbane backdrop. The Popup Media Summer Sale enables any business, sports team or organisation to turn their event into a highly anticipated gala of epic social media proportions.

About Popup Media
Popup Media is a Sydney-based company specialising in the production of media backdrop & conference backdrop for all events and occasions. Our focus is on details and our talented team of creatives will assist you select and design the right solution for your event. Our products are functional, reusable, high-quality and feature modern design. Our products are versatile, portable, lightweight and easy to set up. The entire system is sturdy and fits in a handy aesthetic carry bag.

Media Contact
Popup Media
Phone: 1300 909 446
Website: www.popup-media.com.au
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