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There are several issues and grievances that can occur while you watching a video. Sometimes, when you click on the icon of Watch the video, and error displays saying the video can’t be opened or it won’t play. Many times you are only able to hear the audios but the screen appears black. Sometimes the videos don’t just load or display a message saying that the file cannot be opened. There can be different reasons behind this issue. It may not seem to be a very gigantic issue by some people. But it just takes away all the fun when someone intends to watch videos and it won’t play. If you are using AOL desktop Gold software as your home platform for streaming different videos and is facing this issue, then you need to understand there is not just single reason behind this issue. Of course, there are more than one reasons and in this blog, you can read them and also get a prescribed solution. Once you know the reason, it would be beneficial for you to find the perfect solution. You can also get directly in touch with AOL Desktop Gold Download Free whenever you wish to.

1. Error code 14 appears while you try to watch a video - The rectification of this error is very simple and can be attained, once you will switch off all the programs and the windows and completely shut down your device. Restart it again and check whether it has been solved or not. But if you are using the AOL Desktop Version, then you will be required to delete the software and install it once again.
2. A blankscreen appears while playing the video - This issue usually occurs when Adobe Flash player has not been downloaded and installed in the system. Just download the Adobe Flash media player with proper configuration and try to open the video through it.
3. Other videos play, but AOL videos won’t -If this is the scenario, then maybe your AOL software has become outdated or the Windows Media player through which you open and browse videos needs some updating. Update the windows media player to the latest version.
4. Able to hear the audio, but unfortunately no video is being displayed -Solve this issue by going to the Device Manager>monitor display setting on 16-bit. Scan the system for any kind of anti-virus, enable the Javascript.

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These discussions will definitely help you in fixing the issue of AOL Gold Desktop Download. These are few tips and suggestions that you can use to rectify the error. If the error is due to any other problem, which hasn’t been discussed in the blog, then talk to the customer care center.

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