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AOL Gold Desktop

One of the best desktop software that is used and appreciated in many countries is AOL Desktop Gold Software. AOL Desktop Gold is the premium version of AOL Desktop software which comes with many amazing features and services. This software has all the service offered by AOL like a web browser, email service etc. only in one software. You don’t need to open much software for accessing different work. This software works efficiently and gives a mind-blowing service with both Windows and Mac OS. You can Install AOL Gold easily if you have AOL membership. Now, if you are a Mac user then here is your guide to install AOL Desktop Gold:

• Open any web browser you would like to use and go to the AOL login page.
• Then enter the username and password of your AOL account and log in.
• Then go to the AOL benefits section and look for AOL Desktop Gold. If you are an AOL premium member you will find it in the AOL benefits. Else, take the AOL premium member plan first.
• Then click on download and choose Mac in the operating system to start the download process of AOL Desktop Gold.
• When the AOL Gold Freezing up is complete, install the software completely by performing the installation steps.
• Then close all the running programs and restart the computer, afterward launch AOL Desktop Gold software.

This is how you can download AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac computer. Now you can experience all the services offered by this software.

If you are a Windows OS user then here is the complete guide to AOL Gold Installation on your computer.

• To download this software, it is same as Mac OS. So, firstly take an AOL premium membership. If you already have the premium membership then go to the AOL email and find the email stating ‘Start with AOL Desktop Gold’.
• Download the software for windows by clicking on the link given in that email. After the AOL Desktop Gold download process starts the installation process.
• Double click on the setup file to start the installation process. Then go with the screen instructions and complete the installation process.

These are the steps which will help you to Download AOL on the computer in the easiest way. If you face any problem while going through these steps, then you can ask an expert for help on customer support number.

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