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Some of the common problems of AOL Desktop Gold and their solutions :
Even though AOL Desktop Gold is an amazing software you cannot start to ignore its flaws and shortcomings. And these wrong things are mostly technical errors and problems. And here in this blog, you will be exposed to the problems and solutions of AOL Desktop Gold. So if you are keen on knowing what they are, you can continue reading this blog.

If you have to break down the errors and technical problems with desktop gold, you will have a long list of problems, but there a few very common problems which are experienced by all desktop gold users. And these problems have been mentioned below along with their solutions.

AOL Desktop Gold download Error

This is a very common occurrence and it can be resolved by applying these steps below:

1. The most important thing that can cause this is not meeting the system requirements of the software before you AOL Desktop Gold Install. So make sure you go through the list and provide them accordingly.
2. Make use of an antivirus or security software to clean your computer of any malicious malware or virus.
3. Your Hard Disk Drive should also have enough space to be able to download the software.
4. Clear caches and cookies from your web browser.

The problem of missing AOL Desktop Gold mail.

Sometimes you emails go missing in your desktop gold, and when this happens, carry out these routine steps:

1. Availability of a strong internet connection is necessary.
2. Ensure that the emails aren’t going to the spam folder of your email.

Very slow performance of AOL Desktop Gold after installation.

After you AOL Gold Desktop Install, your system might start to perform slowly. Here’s how to solve this:

1. Clear out all junk files and residual junks from your computer to clear out RAM and also restart your computer routinely.
2. Scan your computer for traces of viruses, Trojans, malware by using a good antivirus program.

Missing AOL Desktop Gold icon.

Sometimes you might have to restore a AOL Desktop Gold, and to do that, you must:

1. Navigate your cursor to the bottom right corner of the desktop screen and on the taskbar, click the ‘expand’ button.
2. You will find the desktop gold icon in this folder. Either right click on it to create a shortcut or drag the icon to the desktop screen.

The problem of AOL Desktop Gold not responding.

When the AOL Desktop Gold is not responding, try out these steps to fix it:

1. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to restart the computer after closing all running programs.
2. Make sure your computer is free and clean of all junks files and documents.
3. If you have performed any recent system changes then you need to restore them back to its default or original settings.

AOL Desktop Gold log in problems.

To solve Install AOL Gold Desktop, you may do the following:

1. Begin with the basic steps like clearing all cache, cookies, footprints and junk from the browser.
2. You can also change the ‘exceptions’ list in the firewall settings.
3. You also need to enable JavaScript and reset the web settings.

These are some of the very commonly occurring problems of desktop gold. If you have any problems resolving them on your own, you can take the help of the online AOL customer service.

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