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Have you heard praises of the new, updated and advanced version of AOL desktop Gold from your friends or family members who ate using it? Do you feel envious and wish to install it in your own device? And are you a Mac user and is facing troubles in downloading the software in your device, and is not getting the desired help from your near and dear ones, as unfortunately, no one knows the procedure of installing it for. This blog has been written purposely for those people who wish to fix the error issues in downloading or installing the AOL gold for the Mac device. By checking the system requirements and undergoing the recommended steps, you can easily rectify this error and the AOL Gold software will be downloaded in your device in no time. And if even then, the installation process shows any kind of error, then there is no harm in contacting the aol gold customer support number to avail their help

Ensuring the system requirements

1. Fast and stable working net connection
2. Memory space of at least 512 MB along with 1GB RAM
3. Mac 9.0 or above as the selected operating system.
4. The screen resolution to be set at 1024 X 628 and the processor to be at a speed of 266 MHz or more
5. The preferred router to be ADSL modem routers or Dual Band Wi-Fi router

Once you would have verified the system requirements and made sure that they are in place, it would be really easy to install the software in your device. Ensuring the system requirements is the most basic and ideal thing that should be done at first hand to assure smooth installation process.

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The installation procedure:

1. Acquire the membership first to install AOL desktop gold in your Mac, if you are a new user
2. The router needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi connection of your Mac to ensure the internet connection
3. Choose the desired browser, the recommended one is Safari and select the option of downloading AOL Desktop gold software
4. Clear the memory and other junk files, if the system shows insufficient space
5. Scan your device once for any virus or malware before starting the installation process
6. Download the AOL desktop gold software in your mac device by following the instructions provided by the system

If even after trying the basic steps you are still not able to fix the download and install AOL desktop gold error on Mac, then you need to ensure that you are downloading it from a trusted site and the software is not corrupt. You shall even dial the aol gold technical support number for further directions.

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