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field service organizations

field services” to refer to any services that are related to managing and optimizing supplier equipment that is on customer premise, i.e. in the field. This typically refers to companies who need to manage installation, service, and/or repairs of systems or equipment.

Our Field Services research and advisory practice is geared towards helping traditional product suppliers better manage their people, processes, and technology, reduce costs, and improve profitability in an increasingly digital world. We do this by collecting and analyzing industry data to establish industry performance standards, and more importantly, how to improve performance.
Here are the main categories of field services that can be delivered:

Once a customer purchases equipment, they will need it expertly installed within their operating environment. A technician will ensure that the equipment is correctly installed and fully operational from the start, setting a baseline and the standard for all future operation.

The traditional charter of field service organizations is to fix equipment in the event of a breakdown. Since “rolling a truck” is expensive and the time to respond to the incident can result in excessive downtime, it’s best to conduct pre-planned activities in order to maintain the equipment before it breaks. Examples of this include inspection and replacing worn parts before they completely fail.
The aim of effective field service management is to empower your employees to deliver excellent service in every customer interaction. What can be considered ‘traditional’ field service management is evolving, and gaining a deeper understanding of the current and future landscape can help your mobile workers succeed.
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