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Laptops vs desktops: pros and cons

From the differences above, here are some of the pros and cons of both laptop and desktop.

Laptop Advantages (Advantages / Advantages)
Here are some reasons why you should choose a laptop as a college student:

They are extremely mobile, which means they are portable.
They come with a built-in screen, keyboard and mouse.
Cons of a laptop (Disadvantages)
Here are some of the disadvantages of a laptop for a college student:

They are more expensive than desktop computers.
They need to be charged.
Most laptops can have overheating problems.
Laptops generally have a shorter lifespan than desktop ones.
Desktop Pros (Benefits / Benefits)
Here are some reasons why you should choose your desktop as a college student:

Desktop computers are more powerful than laptops.
Desktop computers are cheaper in dollars. That is, buying each component of the desktop separately costs less money.
They can be updated more easily.
Desktop computers usually perform much cooler than laptops.
Cons of the desktop (disadvantages)
Here are some reasons why you should choose a laptop as a college student:

Portability is the main drawback of desktop computers; they are usually not very mobile.
They do not come with a built-in monitor, keyboard or mouse

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