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Benefits of Couch Scotchgard Services

Home Cleaning is that part of life that we all deal with. And as a homemaker, you want to have the cleanliness of your upholstery. But, is this easier as said?? Let us help you making your work easier for when those spots, spills, and pet accidents happen with ScotchGard. It’s a stain repellent and durable water repellent that is sprayed on carpets, rugs, and furniture to prevent future stains. In order to maintain the look of your upholstery it is advised that one should use Scotchguard which helps in furniture stain protection. Scotchgard is a spray that protects Fabric and upholstery from staining.

Couch scotchgard is basically an invisible shield which extends the life of one’s upholstery. It can be applied or reapplied by the professionals who are specialist in giving Scotchcare Services. It helps in Couch stain protection by locking each fibre in the fabric of your upholstery to create an invisible, long-lasting barrier against dust and spills. Scotchgard’s highly advanced formula will keep the upholstery looking their best now and in the future too.

The benefits of Scotchgard Protection are as follows-
● It creates an invisible protection layer against dust, dirt and stains.
● It is the Easiest and the most effective cleaning method
● It preserves the looks of upholstery.
● Its Long lasting protection increases the life of the upholstery.
● It Can be re-applied by approved Scotchcare Services specialists whenever required.
● By applying scotchgard at least once in a year, you would save money on professional cleaning in the long-run.

You can apply the scotchgard upholstery protector by yourself too in the following ways and thus can have cheap couch cleaning done by yourself:
1. Vacuum your furniture and let it dry.
2. Cover surrounding areas to avoid overspray.
3. Cover the furniture with a cloth or a garbage bags.
4. Start using Scotchgard by wearing gloves and face mask.
5. Shake it well, then apply thoroughly, Allow time to dry.
6. Spray your furniture with a second coat.
7. Appropriate drying time will be between 8-12 hours.

Scotchgard most importantly won’t affect the way your upholstery looks or feels..Though many protection liquid is being found in the market but still Scotchgard is the best fabric protection for furniture as it can be easily applied by anyone to all the upholstery thus providing a protective layer without having resort to any professional services. Schedule regular professional upholstery cleaning service for your entire office/home and consult Capital Cleaning Canberra for Scotchgard protection of your furniture. By getting this done would help keep them cleaner for a longer period of time and should limit the amount of times you need to have professional cleaning done.
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