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Nurture a culture that’s inclusive

There are some of the significant drawbacks that come along when hiring for such a model. The areas that organizations find to be tricky while dealing with giggers constitute talent management, quality of supply, performance management, and on their training front.

While it is easy for organizations to find individuals who have the right expertise and skillsets for a certain job, it becomes challenging to onboard someone who is culturally fit with the right set of behavioral attributes. The turnover rate is comparatively greater when it comes to gig workers because of the fact that the assignment might not the be dream job or it could be for some quick way to earn more money.

Furthermore, frequent gig departures result in continuously losing company secrets, which is a threat to a business. This leads to difficulties for the company to retain its acquired knowledge. Another challenge that businesses face lies in engaging the contingent workforce to stay in the company for the long haul.
The “Gig Economy” is prospering and will keep growing. In reality, a more significant number of organizations are influenced by an alternate work system and it is high time for HR leaders to start pondering on practical strategies to incorporate the liquid workforce strategy.
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