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IDS is detecting the attack (hence the term intrusion detection system) but is not preventing the attack.Sensor Platforms
A dedicated IPS appliance, such as the 4200 seriesSoftware running on the router in versions of IOS that support it A module in an IOS router, such as the AIM-IPS or NME-IPS modules A module on an ASA firewall in the form of the AIP module for IPS A blade that works in a 6500 series multilayer switch
Cisco FirePOWER 8000/7000 series appliances Virtual Next-Generation IPS (NGIPSv) for VMware
ASA with FirePOWER service
Positive/Negative Terminology
False positive: the sensor generates an alert about traffic and that traffic is not malicious or important as related to the safety of the network
False negative: there is malicious traffic on the network, and for whatever reason the IPS/IDS did not trigger an alert True positive: there was malicious traffic and that the sensor saw it and reported on it True negative: there was normal nonmalicious traffic, and the sensor did not generate any type of alert
Identifying Malicious Traffic on the Network
There are several different methods that sensors can be configured to use to identify malicious traffic, including the following:
Signature-based IPS/IDS: A signature is just a set of rules looking for some specific pattern or characteristic in either a single packet or a stream of packets. It is the most significant method used on sensors today.
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