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Intragastric Balloon Surgery : All you Need to Know

Weight Loss Overview

The use of an intragastric balloon surgery for treating obesity and morbid obesity is well known. The use of a gastric space occupying the volume device will give a sensation of satiety for controlling the obesity. Reports indicate that weight loss can be achieved using various free floating intragastric balloon surgery which is performed when an inflatable gastric balloon is endoscopically inserted and then inflated in the stomach to reduce the capacity.

What is Intragastric Balloon Surgery?

Intragastric balloon surgery is a treating for obesity in conjunction with a supervised diet and behavior modification program that helps to achieve the health as well as aesthetic benefits of weight loss. The placement of tube and a filling system will be in such a way that a physician can orally insert the weight loss aid in the stomach, then the empty balloon will be filled with sterile saline. When it is full, the balloon is too large to pass into the bowel and will float freely in the stomach.

Who is the candidate for Intragastric Balloon Surgery?

Intrasgastric balloon surgery in India may be more desirable procedure for the patients who do not wish to undergo a laparoscopic surgery or permanently alter their anatomy with the stomach stapling and rearrange the digestive system. Often it is recommended for temporary use in patients who are between 18-60 years of age, have a BMI >35 who are candidates for bariatric surgery but lose weight to reduce the risk of surgery, have a BMI between 30-35 and have significant health problems, have no disease of the GI tract, have a history of demonstrated failure using the non-surgical approaches to manage their needs of weight loss, who have no previous bariatric surgery, who are currently not pregnant and have no intention to get pregnant for twelve months following the balloon placement, have no history of intestinal obstruction or adhesive peritonitis, chronic or current use of high doses of NSAID and or aspirin.

How Intragastric Balloon Help to reduce weight?

The intragastric balloon system consists of a soft, expandable intragastric balloon which is temporarily inserted into the mouth ans esophagus into the stomach to create a feeling of early and prolonged fullness post meals. This device is a soft, silicon intragstric balloon that is inserted without surgery in a deflated state into the stomach and then inflated with a sterile saline through a self sealing valve which enters the stomach. The balloon will remain in the stomach for maximum six months since this is a potential solution to lose 9-18 kgs.

Why India is more preferable to Australians for weight loss Treatment?

Patients from Australia get their weight loss treatments in India due to the presence of prominent obesity surgery procedures such as intragastric balloon surgery, excellent medical and healthcare amenities in India in terms of quality as well as cost and the best medical care for weight loss, state of the art hospitals, best qualified doctors, best infrastructure and high quality medical amenities accompanied with the most competitive prices.

Australians are amazed with the hospitality and treatment for the weight loss treatment in India. The obesity surgery hospitals in India have the latest and modern medical centers as well as less price for intragastric balloon surgery with the best results. The cost of intragastric balloon surgery in the US is $12,809 while it will cost only $2,860 in India. Contact Forerunners Healthcare Consultants to get low cost intragastric balloon surgery in India and you can also enjoy the holiday vacations at the best Indian tourism resorts.

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