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But it is still the fortnite materials epidermis

It's Season 4, Week 7 in Fortnite: Battle Royale, something that players dedicated to making every reward have been awaiting for some time. This is the week when people can finally complete the challenge that unlocks the Blockbuster skin -- we now know it is really known as the"Visitor" epidermis, but it is still the fortnite materials epidermis you get from finishing the Blockbuster Challenge. If you become aware of some players running around in this impressive-looking alien supervillain skin, keep reading for how to finish the Blockbuster Challenge and unlock The Visitor on your own.

To start with, you are likely to have to get your Fight Pass all the way up to Tier 100 so as to access the Blockbuster Challenge.
That is no joke, especially if you're starting from Tier 0 and didn't receive any bonuses from the top pass or Season 3. But do not worry: you can still work towards finishing the challenge before you hit Tier 100, and ideally, you can snag The Visitor after you hit Tier 100.

Update: As it turns out you don't have to achieve Tier 100, therefore the preceding paragraph doesn't apply.

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