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+1-855-200-6941 How to Fix MY Dell XPS 13 Audio Driver Problem

How to Fix MY Dell XPS 13 Audio Driver Problem

Dell has a very good reputation in the laptop market because of the features and services are given by Dell to its customer at an affordable price. Dell XPS 13 is a mind-blowing laptop which has some outstanding features like 13 inches Full HD LED Backlit Infinity Edge Anti-glare Display, Light Laptop without Optical Disk Drive, core i5 8th generation processor and much more. All these features make Dell XPS 13 a very reliable laptop. But sometimes Dell laptop users face Audio driver compatibility issue when the laptop’s audio stops working. This issue can be very frustrating if you don’t solve it as soon as possible.
To get into more details about Dell laptops or know the solution of a technical issue with Dell laptop.
You can call on with Dell customer care phone number or visit the official website of Dell computers.

Fixes for Audio Driver issue in Dell XPS 13
To fix this Audio Driver issue the best option is to uninstall Audio drivers and reinstall. This will upgrade the drivers to its latest version and remove the incompatibility issue.
Let’s start the process:
1. If you are using Windows 10 or 8 OS on your laptop then click on “Search Windows”. Else, press the start button.
2. Type “devmgnt.msc” in the search field and Enter.
3. Then select “Audio inputs and outputs”.
4. After that double click on Speakers/Headphones.
5. Then click on “Drivers” option and choose to “Uninstall”.
6. Click “Yes”.
7. When the uninstall process gets finished. Open your web browser and go to the official website of Dell laptops. Then visit Dell’s “Driver support web page”.
8. Choose for Dell Laptop Model and select “Audio Driver”.
9. Click “Download”. When the download gets finished, initiate the installation process.
10. Choose to install Realtek InstallShield. Then follow the suitable screen instruction to complete the installation process.
11. When the installation gets finished, Restart your computer to update the changes you made.

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All the above-given steps should fix your Audio driver issue but in case if you find any difficulty. Call on Dell technical support phone number and get the quick and easy solution of any technical issue with Dell.

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