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How to Install ATT High-Speed Internet

AT&T provides a high-speed internet service to its customer with various highlighted features like Wi-Fi gateway, smart home manager, and internet security suite powered by McAfee, Email account, and Wi-Fi Hotspot. AT&T internet service is 100% reliable and efficient.
To get the AT&T high-speed internet speed on your home you should visit the official website of AT&T, where you will get all the details of service plan or call on ATT customer service number. When you will buy an AT&T internet plan, an AT&T executive will come to your address with the modem and other equipment.
He will set and start the modem service but if you want to do it on yourself then you can follow this blog.
Install ATT High-Speed Internet
If you want to install AT&T internet service yourself at your home to get customized internet service then follow given below steps:
1. Check the Equipment
The package you get after you take the AT&T internet connection. Ensure that it contains all the equipment which include instructions, the modem, cables, cords, a power adapter, and a DSL filter.
2. Choose a Location
You should choose a suitable and central point of your home which doesn’t engage with obstacles such as cabinet and walls. Because walls and cabinets can prevent the signals to spread throughout the home and you may face poor signals in some areas of your home.
3. Connect the DSL Filter
If you own a landline connection at your home, you should add a single or double port DSL filter to the line. This step helps to prevent the signal interface of the internet and telephone.
4. Plug in the Data Cable
Internet providers use color codes to know which data cable should go in which port. Green cable transmits data, which goes into the green phone port. If you use a double port DSL filter, the green cable will go into empty port.
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5. Then connect the Ethernet cable to the yellow modem port.
6. Then connect the modem with power supply and press the power button.

You shouldn’t face any issue with these steps and you will definitely able to install AT&T high-speed internet service completely. In case, you face any issue with this call on ATT tech support number to get the instructions.

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