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How to fix HP Printer Paper Jam Issue?

When you use a printer, then a paper jam issue happens sometimes. If you are an HP Printer Tech Support Number user and it is stuck due to a paper jam and you are looking for the help to fix it. You will get some troubleshooting techniques for how can you deal with this problem or you can call on the HP Printer Customer Service for more help.

Troubleshooting steps for paper jam issue in HP printer:

When you face a paper jam issue in HP printer you will get a led indications in the control panel.
Step 1. Open the printer from cover and leave it for 10 minutes to cool down.

Step 2. After 10 minutes, open the paper tray and pull out the jammed paper or you can open the drum unit with toner cartridge assembly and remove the jammed paper from there.

Step 3. After removing the jammed paper close the front cover of the printer.

Step 4. Then completely remove the paper tray from the printer.

Step 5. Carefully pull out the jammed paper with both hands, if you will use only one hand then the paper can be torn into pieces.

Step 6. Open the back cover of the printer.

Step 7. Pull down all the taps from the left and right-hand side and open the fuse cover.
Step 8. Pull out the paper from the fuser cover with both hands.

Step 9. Close both fuser cover and back of the printer.

Step 10. Open the duplex tray and pull out the jammed paper.

Step 11. Remove the jammed paper completely and ensure that it is removed completely.

Step 12. Now put the duplex tray again in the printer.

Step 13. Take out the toner cartridge drum by pushing the green lock lever. Clean the printer and drum if the jammed paper remains inside.

Step 14. Close the cartridge and lock it.

Step 15. Put the cartridge toner drum again in the printer and close it.

Step 16. Ensure the error LED is off and the ready LED is on.

Step 17. Restart the HP Printer Customer support Phone Number.

These steps should solve your problem, else you can call on the HP Printer Technical Support Number. Techies will assist you on this number and give you the best possible solution regarding your HP printer problem.

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