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Low code gets into the sights of tech giants and public clouds

I have been using low and code platforms for nearly two decades to build internal workflow applications and quickly develop customer-facing experiences.

I have always had development teams working on Java, .NET or PHP applications built on top of SQL and NoSQL data stores, but the business demand for applications has far exceeded what we could develop. Low code and no code platforms provided an alternative option when business requirements matched the platform's capabilities.

Many low code platforms have been around for more than a decade and some support tens of thousands of business applications.

Over time, these platforms have improved features, developer experiences, hosting options, corporate security, devops tools, application integrations and other competencies that enable the rapid development and easy maintenance of functionally rich applications.

So when public clouds and big tech companies became more interested in low code platforms, I was skeptical. First, public clouds target development and engineering teams that want to code applications, automate CI / CD pipelines (continuous integration / continuous deployment) and instantiate infrastructure as code.

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