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The Pros of Using LED Advertising - Digital screens for events

Digital screens for events are widely used these days. It is a great idea to maximize the ‘window space’ for optimizing the sales opportunities. Here are some benefits of using the LED advertising trailer.

Attention-Arresting: The problem with the static posters is that they blend into the background unnoticeably. They even become an integral part of ‘high street’ wallpaper which never draws attention or stands out. On the other had the LED trailer sign draws attention due to the changing content. A continuously changing screen is good for advertising if situated in crowded places like road junctions, bus stops etc.

  • Increases the Space for Advertising: The advantage of digital screens for rent is that it provides more space for advertising. For instance, your store’s window would be unable to accommodate too many of the A4 posters; whereas the LED screens help in displaying more than 60 advertisements. This is possible by building the playlist that charges every single minute allowing enough customers to see each of the advertisements and offer the space in order to exhibit more than 60 products every 60 minutes.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: The LED displays allow you to select whatever images you wish along with the frequency for displaying them and the time. With the help of these displays, it is possible to highlight a specific product more. You just need to create a playlist that exhibits the chosen image or video more compared to the others. For instance, a cafeteria could advertise profitable breakfast deals every morning within 8a.m. and 10 a.m. They could change the advertisement for the lunch deals at around 11:30 a.m. This kind of flexible advertising helps in boosting sales better.

  • Neat Advertising without Overcrowding: Many of the posters on the window of your store may look haphazard and messy and the hue fades and appears old if it is exposed to the direct rays of the sun. The LED screens, on the other hand, could keep the space of advertising de-cluttered. Apart from this, the bright LED screens are made in a way to withstand direct sunlight. As a result, there would be no loss of hue or colour from the different posters.

  • Can Easily Be Updated: It is fast, simple and hassle-free to update ‘digital screens’. As a result, it is possible to react to all the sales figures easily without any ‘lag time’. For LED advertising, you don’t have to send the ‘artwork’ to the printer for the purpose of printing. You just have to create an advertisement and then feed it into the ‘USB stick’ so that it can be shown on a LED screen. It is the fastest, easiest and effective way of changing an advertisement.

  • Allows Customization: For any brand, it is necessary to maintain the consistency of advertising but with the LED screen you can react to all the ‘local trends’ and thereby personalize the campaigns based on a specific region.

  • Better ROI in the Future: Though the ‘initial investment’ in the ‘digital screens’ may be high in comparison to the traditional print advertising, LED advertising gives a better return on investment in the long run. It even helps in saving on the printing costs.

    For the plethora of benefits the LED screens offer, they are widely used as a key marketing tool.
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