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Why Jump Form System Is Used To Make The Construction?

The selection of the jump form system is often governed by their competence to optimize specific activities in isolation, without relating this choice to the construction workflow.The importance of advanced high-rise Jump Form construction in streamlining the workflow of concrete activities and other subsequent activities allows a better segmentation of the structure that allows a better allocation of resources.

Jump Form

Advanced high-rise shuttering technologies have an advantage over regular ones. In addition, there is more waste reduction, smaller work lots, less inventory and a safer work environment such as to use the roof edge protection systems.

The jump form must have sufficient strength to carry a dead load and a live load that comes on it during the casting operation and then until the concrete hardens and obtains a percentage of the design strength. Therefore, choosing the best one is an essential thing for a successful system. Following are some of the popular formwork systems available.

Why people prefer the jump form system to make the construction?

The acute shortage of labour is one of the key factors that have driven the demand for jump form and scaffolding systems. The shortage of labour has added to the pressure on contractors, who are already grappling with the problems of increasing construction costs. In this era of lean construction methods, with tight wallets, semi-automated and automated jump form have been a blessing.

Jump Form is the type of formwork system that is used for vertical structures that require the tap to rise for each cycle. The Jump Form systems include formwork and work platforms for cleaning/fixing the formwork, fixing steel and concreting.

Jump Form Construction

Work of the jump form construction:

  • Once the climbing formwork is in state, the panels are closed and the next concrete is poured. The cycle is running, which is normally three to five days. You can achieve faster times, but you will need a really specialized and trained team. However, the limiting factor for faster times is usually the construction of floor slabs, which are dumped as a separate process.

  • Jump form system is a method for the construction of cores for high-rise buildings and similar structures.

There are many types of climbing formwork, that is depending on the type of building being built. They can move on their own, using electric jacks, commonly known as self-climbing formwork, or they can be relocated with cranes and other equipment.

The formwork rests on the previous concrete model, so it is not based on the support or permanent works. Concrete elements in high-rise structures, such as Cutting walls, Core walls, Lifting axes, and Staircase and Bridge towers. Other than that there are roof edge protection systems that can definitely be preferred along with the jump form construction at your construction.

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