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Sensor Measurement Leads in the Production of Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are an integral part of production, manufacturing, gas and mining operations around the world. Reza Ghassemifar, CEO of Sensor Measurement, announced that the company offers a specialty line of safety light curtains, laser distance sensors and inductive proximity sensors.

Sensor Management offers sensors by Fiessler Electronik and Banner for the control of safety light curtains, an especially effective way of managing personnel to prohibit entry to any number of areas. The company’s sensors works with assemblies of 2 to 20 beams and are effective for heights ranging from 100mm to 190mm in 100mm steps.

A microprocessor monitors safety functions and contains self-diagnostics, along with an error display. The sensors are effective for multiple applications. The sensors are for use in horizontal safety light curtains that prevent entrance to areas that are dangerous, toxic or hazardous, along with locations where robotics are beingdeployed.

Fiessler Elektronik laser distance sensors offered by Sensor Measurement detects and recognizes people and objects within a defined protection field perimeter. It’s used with a pencil laser beam that’s deflected with a rotating mirror. It has an aperture of 190 degrees and can scan an area of about 49m.

The recognition field is divided into two distinct areas. The software can be independently programmed with a company PC and coordinates of the field are saved within the laser distance sensor. When anything enters the field, the information is immediately collected by the proximity laser scanner FLSC.

Sensor Measurement offers inductive proximity sensors by Turck and Synatel. They’re designed to detect metal objects utilizing a high-frequency electromagnetic field that interacts with a specific target. They feature reliability, durability and long life for high switching frequencies.

The company offers a comprehensive array of sensors for use in multiple industries encompassing mining, petrochemical plants, and offshore gas and oil projects. Sensor Measurement also provides monitoring and measuring devices for the food and beverage industry, power authorities, and an extensive range of manufacturing concerns.

Safety is of primary interest in any industry and Sensor Measurement provides the gauges, sensors, measuring and monitoring devices required to protect people, products and equipment. The inductive proximity sensors, linear encoders and laser distance sensors offer maximum service within an extensive range of operational conditions for durability and effectiveness.

About Sensor Measurement
Sensor Measurement is a wholly owned and operated Western Australian company established in 1988. We supply high-quality instrumentation, sensors for automation, machine safety and connectivity products directly from world-renowned international manufacturers. The staff has over 60 years of combined experience in sales and engineering applications. Connect with Sensor Measurement on Facebook.

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