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Firewall: what is the importance for your company?

Is the firewall a priority in your enterprise IT planning? As much as professionals in the field are already familiar with the tool, there are still many managers who are not so concerned with the acquisition and implementation of quality solutions.

How can you turn a firewall into a real asset (in short, something that creates value)? Why invest with a focus on performance and security? We prepared this post to stay on top of the subject. Follow!

After all, what does a firewall do?
As you already know, the main function of a firewall is to create a barrier between the company's internal network and the external network (a link to the internet), allowing you to monitor and control specific data traffic at the entrance and at the exit according to pre-established settings.

Software with this focus is already present in most operating and business systems on the market. But, is it not possible to go further with the use of this tool?

Today, in addition to being an obstacle to attempting attacks on a company, the firewall can be used by IT as a monitoring tool in the use of the database and other systems and services essential to the business, and of control even more adjusted to protection terms defined by you and your team.

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In other words: as the firewall not only blocks, but can identify and report threats, it is an important ally for the safe management of an environment. It is with this focus in mind that you need to think about how to invest in the solution going forward.
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