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Orange Helps Siemens Hit 80% SD-WAN Migration

During its second from last quarter 2020 profit call, heads said Google's business, which incorporates Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Workspace (in the past G Suite), developed 45% year over year and pulled in $3.44 billion during Q3 contrasted with $2.38 billion per year prior.

Just in time for the holidays, Orange Business Services announced a major milestone in its nearly $300 million contracts to migrate German conglomerate Siemens to an SD-WAN architecture.

The service provider said it transitioned 80% of Siemens’ global network to its Flexible SD-WAN offering, just two years into the six-year contract. Siemens has more than 1,000 sites and campuses in 94 countries on five continents.

The companies achieve this milestone despite the ongoing pandemic, which has dramatically increased bandwidth demands on Orange’s global network as teams around the globe have transitioned to remote work.

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