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Academic Essay Basics: Structuring your essay

Knowing how to structure your essay will get you a long way in writing your essay. In fact, structuring the essay is one of the first things that you are taught in school. Given the structure, you are told to write various types of essays, with different topics, and fit them in a structure that is given to you. The structure of the essay is more than putting like ideas together and classifying and dividing the subject matter for the ease of the reader.  

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In essays, the essay writer is tasked with answering the essay prompt, developing a thesis, coming up with supporting points, and presenting them in the essay. The presentation can be divided into two major tasks: structuring and styling. Where styling the essay allows you to perfect the essay content on the sentence level, structuring allows you to optimize the arrangement of that content both between the paragraphs and within them.

The structure of every academic essay follows the traditional style of the Introduction paragraph followed by the main body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph at the end. 

The introduction

The introduction paragraph will introduce the essay topic and give the reader a background into the subject so that they can understand the context. It allows them to get familiar with the subject before presenting them with the main ideas in the body paragraphs. There are several things that are important to have in the introduction paragraph:

  • Background information: You can provide the general information at the start and gradually move into the specific information about the topic at hand.

  • Thesis statement: The thesis statement is the most important statement of your essay as it binds your essay together. It is your response to your essay prompt and tells the reader what you aim to prove in the writing. 

  • Thesis plan: At times it is also important how you are going to pull off your aim, so you will give a glimpse to the reader of what’s to come.  Precisely when an understudy knows the fundamental requirements of this specific kind of the paper writing service, it can contribute the writing measures of energy the right course moving by the theme.

The body paragraph

There will be various paragraphs in your essay supporting your thesis statement, and you should structure each of the paragraphs using the same structure. For an academic essay that works on evidence-based information, each paragraph should have the following components:

  • Topic Sentence: The role of the topic sentence is to allow the reader to know what the paragraph is about. The topic sentence should be presented clearly at the start of the paragraph. 

  • Explanation: It is useful, at times to let the reader get background information into the essay topic, especially if the topic at hand is complex.

  • Evidence: The evidence supporting the essay should be provided by the person at the start. This evidence should be from an authoritative source and can be in the form of a quote, stat, observation, etc. 

  • Warrant: It’s not enough just to present the evidence to back your essays, you should additionally, show the readers why and how the evidence back your arguments or your points. 

  • Counterpoints: The points that you come up with won’t be without its counterpoints. For advanced topics, through research, you can come up with the various counters, or you can brainstorm them on your own. You should acknowledge these points in the essay and put them down through reasoning.

  • Transition: The paragraph content should not sound patchy going from one paragraph to the next. Therefore, transition into the next paragraph by alluding to its main topic at the end of the paragraph.


The conclusion doesn’t have any definite parts. It contains the salient points of the essay that are to be found in the main body paragraphs, without any new addition. The conclusion will do nothing more than iterating the main points of the essay. You can add a final word to the end of the conclusion that hints towards further research required on the topic. At last, this specific arrangement of article requirement is to close the write my paper for me. You will likewise have to eliminate the constrictions and the short forms in your wiring as they are not fit to formal writing



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