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Latest Tools in Marketing That Will Help Increase Your Customer Loyalty

Today you can purchase any product or service and get it at the twinkle of an eye. Businesses are no longer competing over who can offer the best (although quality also matters), but who can deliver the fastest. It’s hard to find families that have kept with the same brand for two generations because children are not as patient as their grandfathers and will buy another product with a small inconvenience.

So what can digital marketing agency Perth do to gain and maintain customer loyalty? It’s all a matter of how well you know your consumers. A good marketing strategy is gathering information about the consumer using behavioral data.

One aspect of gathering information that continues to challenge even the best digital marketing agencies is transitioning from “click-based marketing” to “behavior-intended marketing”. In the first, information is collected from customers who have already made an action (subscribing to a newsletter, filling out forms, purchasing). Behavior-oriented marketing is proactive. It tries to predict which a customer will bring conversion by performing an action.

Experienced marketers know the relationship between pro-active and reactive marketing. Even app developers Perth use these same strategies when developing applications intended for marketing. Brands can keep a good relationship with their consumers by understanding and promptly responding to their needs. Consumers are more loyal to brands that try to satisfy their needs.

This is where tools like scoring and targeting come in handy. Targeting allows a marketer to build a recipient base using first and third-party data such as behavior analysis and viewing history. For example, what products does the client purchase online, which social media sites does he like, what are his or her favorite products, etc. Scoring estimates the tendency of an individual consumer to make a purchase based on their history with a brand’s website.

These tools are not the complete solution to your aim of getting and maintaining customer loyalty. To correctly implement them, there’s need for a clear marketing strategy that can be done in three simple steps:

#1. Collect Insights

Targeting is often the best strategy for reaching potential customers. These customers are unknown and it’s only by creating specific segments based on analysis of the behavior of users in the network that you can trigger their exposure and improve likelihood of conversion.

#2. Take Action

You already have an audience why not motivate them to make a purchase? Scoring can help you come up with the best strategy for reaching a potential customer by using their real-time behavior at a place. This marketing strategy can focus on the 2% of ready customers while a re-targeting strategy is used to target the other 98%. For example, you can persuade consumers who are always abandoning the basket before ordering by a pop-up with a special offer just before mouse activity is detected to go towards abandon button. With scoring you can determine key conversion points and areas where you lose potential clients.

#3. Follow Up

Neither a one-off purchase nor a repeat purchase guarantees your customer loyalty. Good marketers should reach out to the customer to thank them, recommend new products based on their last purchases and interests and encourage purchase. The scoring technique is therefore as important in the pre-sales as it is in the after-sales. Consistent customer engagement is the ultimate way to gain customer loyalty.
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