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Fence Etiquette 101

Before you install your weldmesh or other type of fence, it’s important that you learn good fence etiquette. Fences may be beautiful and useful for attaining safety and privacy. But poor fencing protocol can stir fights with your neighbors and trigger disobedience to zoning regulations.

There are two categories of must-do’s that can save you from disputes like homeowners associations violations and rows with neighbors. The first category is purposeful-to-Dos which are nice things to do before the installation of your weldmesh fencing. The other must-do’s are mandatory is you want to enjoy your chainmesh, palisade or weldmesh fencing.


Whether you want to install a perimeter fence on your residential or business site, its good manners to inform your neighbor about it. You won’t be asking for their permission and don’t even have to share your design with them, but making them aware can help avoid unnecessary disputes.

The most common disagreement among neighbors with security fencing is with the property line and aesthetics of the fence. It’s only natural for neighbors to disagree with you on the fence you install if they feel it will lower the value of their property or increase insecurity in the area. But you don’t have to worry too much about this if the fence doesn’t cross their property.

It’s neighborly to have the side of your weldmesh fencing that’s more finished face the neighbor’s yard or the state. In this way, it won’t distract from the view of another person’s property. Some areas have regulations that require you to have the post only facing your home, and it’s important to abide by these laws to continue living harmoniously with your neighbors and avoid breaking the law.

Make it your responsibility to clean your fence on both sides if it’s the separator between your property and your neighbors. Most people don’t think this is a big deal because “the fence is also helping the neighbor.” Even if the other side of your fence is in front of your neighbor’s house, they didn’t ask for it. Occasionally show up and clean that side of the fence so they know you’re responsible for the fence. Also, do regular replacements and repairs of the fence because any rot of breakages will affect both of you.


It’s important for garrison fencing to respect property boundaries. There are many circumstances where the official boundary is a non-issue, but fencing is not one. Ensure that your fence is installed on the correct side of your property line to avoid issues with the authorities and neighbors that may lead to its removal.

The Australian fence company you work with can help you order a land survey form a reputable surveyor and study the property line drawing. The surveys can be costly, but the alternative is losing more and having enormous headaches in the event of a mistake.

Understand the zoning laws in your area. Some areas have restrictions for the fence that can be built, setbacks and height limits. It‘s important to discuss all this with your security fencing contractor.
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