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Online Baby Stores Vs. High Street Baby Stores

Shopping in preparation for a new baby can be extremely fun, but it can also be very tiring, especially if you don't know exactly what you are looking for. There are probably so many things on your shopping list which can leave you feeling overwhelmed. One thing that you will also want to think about is are you going to do your shopping online or at the mall? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and maybe it will be a mixture of both that you end up doing. Below are some great tips on how to carry out your baby shopping and when online or high street may be best for certain items.

Online Baby Stores

If you want to find the best deals, generally you will find these online. You also have the added benefit of having the item delivered straight to your door without you having to do any walking or carry any bags. But, you do lose that personal touch of being able to see, smell, feel, and really inspect the item. Although most stores will offer free returns, you still have the hassle of repacking it, posting it or waiting for it to be collected, then do the process all over again in hopes that the item is what you wanted this time.

Some definite things for the baby's nursery that you want to avoid buying from online baby stores (unless you have already checked out the item in person first) are:
• Cots - it's always best to view cots in person as you get a much better feel for how they will look and fit in your baby's nursery. Also, they are very large and can be awkward to return if they are wrong in any way.
• Pram/Stroller - you want to get a proper feel to how this will manoeuvre when you are oit and about, and that is not possible if you buy it online.

High Street Baby Stores

Generally, high street store prices will always be higher that online prices as their overheads are much higher. But, you can always get a good look and feel of the item you want. Most high street baby stores will stock quite a lot of items, but due to space restrictions at the store, some items may need to be ordered in. Also, with high street baby stores, it is unlikely that you will find everything that you want all in one place, so there will be travel involved, which is not necessarily what you want when you are heavily pregnant.

Items that you are better off buying from online baby stores are:
• Baby clothes: these will be cheaper online and you will have all the choice in the world and there is no need to necessarily try the item before you buy.
• Accessories: things like toys, nursery decorations and bedding will all save you money if you buy them online.
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