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how to add contacts in aol gold desktop

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AOL Desktop Gold is an extravagant software for the AOL users. Be it the AOL Email, music, videos or movies, everything is there for the convenience of the users. With a lot of brilliant options, users never think that something is missing. Apart from multiple features, one feature of Address Book in this software lets the users keep track of email addresses, phone numbers, and many other things. Even users can sort it accordingly as and when they want. But first, make sure to update AOL Desktop Gold. It is mandatory to do so because once it gets done then you will not be confronted by technical snags.
Users can add, edit and delete contact groups in AOL Desktop Gold Mail as per their preference. If you are not aware of the right way then you have to read this blog until the end. It is not that troubling or complicated as it seems to you. Have a glance at the steps to do the needful changes in your AOL Desktop Gold Mail’s address book.
Adding contact –
 Click on Mail option available at the top menu bar and select the Address book
 Click groups in under the column categories
 Select add group by clicking on group options
 Enter required information in the text fields
 Once done, click save
Edit a contact –
 Click mail from the top menu bar and select address book
 Select the group that you have to edit
 Click on the edit option in group
 Update the group information in the text fields
 Click save after modifications
Deleting a contact –
 Select the address book by clicking on Mail
 Now choose the group you want to delete from the address book
 Click the delete option
 Give your confirmation by clicking on yes
These modifications can be done simply without anyone’s help and there is no need to get confused. Just go with the steps as they are mentioned here. If necessary, users can install AOL Desktop Gold on their device once again. It can also be possible that you might face hassles but the best part is once the changes will be done then there will be no troubles at all.
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