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Why You Should Use The Merbau Decking Material For The Outdoor Space?

Merbau wood is a highly versatile product having the uniform texture and with a grain that is usually wavy or interlocked. Merbau wood can be greased or left out in the open naturally. It has been widely used in Merbau decking Melbourne service for decades and now it is confident and proven, it is reliable material, perfect for the screening of covers.

Merbau Decking Melbourne

Merbau is one of the most popular hardwoods inMelbourne, Australia.It has been used in many applications where resistance to decompose and insect-like the cover. If you are thinking about placing some blackbutt timber Melbourne item for your home, you may be wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision.

You may be wondering that,

Why you have to choose the Merbau decking Melbourne wood?

-High degree of durability-Available in various sizes -Natural resistance-Rich and uniform in colour-Registered legally and sustainably -Naturally resistant to termites Some extra points about to merbau material, why you should or you can use in the decking or any other process.

  • It is naturally resistant against cracking

Merbau is a pretty oily wood. Consequently, this is what makes it quite efficient for outdoor furniture. It actually helps prevent cracking or breaking wood. This gives the extra strength, which in turn, can result in greater ease of use and durability for outdoor use.

  • It is durable

Merbau is known for its durability. It allows it to withstand severe temperatures and climates, salt water and other extreme conditions.

  • Requires less maintenance

The maintenance procedures that Merbau decking undertakes will generally depend on the conditions to which it will be exposed. In fact, some may even consider it maintenance-free.

  • Appearance

Merbau is a very attractive wood that retains its colour for much longer than many other species. In fact, many people believe that their appearance only improves with age.

  • Outdoor Sustainability

This wood is very suitable for outdoor use. It is an ideal choice for roofing. This is because it is quite stable and has a relatively low rate of contraction.

  • Working capacity

Merbau is an incredibly durable material. While it is not as difficult as other native hardwoods, it is quite easy to see and work.

Blackbutt Timber Melbourne

Applications: Where the Merbau wood is used?

It can be used for different purposes, due to the undeniable characteristics of Merbau, this type of hardwood is used for the following:

  • As floor materials,

  • To build boats,

  • As a component for roofs- deck,

  • For marine vessels,

  • Stairs.


Maybe you use the different material for the decking or other things in your home. They all are beneficial such as blackbutt timber Melbourne material, but the merbau decking Melbourne is more beneficial if you are searching for the most durable, sustainable, attractive material. You can do the research before installing anything.

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