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Data Center Operator Job Description

The job of an operator entails overseeing environments of a data center where they supervise servers, switches, and network systems and also identify, log, and report issues to the senior staff. They write instructions for the data centers and are responsible for the maintenance and configurations of all data center systems.

Operators job involves carrying out procedures needed to maintain data, transactions, and reports from systems, supporting both administrators and end users, maintaining work registers, and documentation of processes. They also perform user administration tasks, such as adding, modifying, and removing disk space management. They create file backups and file restorations and monitor activity and access of the data center and its operations section to ensure compliance of security policies.

Operators also study and assess hardware systems and information software as per industry trends, fix issues related to customer service support, and supervise the performance of local area networks (LANs) and data communications.

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