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With the advancement in technology and creative innovations, many updates and features are added to the software, computers, cell phones etc. the same is the case with AOL Desktop Gold. With the introduction of desktop gold and its many interesting and new features, it is bound to stop or fail to work at times. The advanced features of desktop gold are easy to use and understand but they are possibilities that it may altogether stop working. And such incidents have been reported by many of its customers over the years. To fix the response problem of the software users are advised to Download download aol gold now once.
One of the most common problems is the problem of AOL desktop gold not responding or working at times. This problem, however dire it may sound is fixable if you only know how to apply the proper steps and instructions. One of the ways to fix it is by checking your network connection and troubleshooting it manually. If you would like to know the steps to fix this error through this method then keep reading this blog.
Step 1: Navigate to Control Panel and select ‘network and sharing center’.
Step 2: Under ‘change, your network setting’ option, choose the ‘troubleshoot problem’ option.
Step 3: Click on internet connections and troubleshoot the connection.
Step 4: Again choose ‘network adapter’ to troubleshoot.
Note: If there were problems with the internet it would be displayed after the troubleshooting process has been completed.
Step 5: Try to fix the problems and restart your computer and desktop gold.
These are the steps to be followed if you ever come across the problem of your AOL Desktop gold not responding, if followed in the same procedure then the trouble will be fixed quickly.
If this method and steps do not work and if your desktop gold is still not responding or working then it is advised that you must download free aol 10.1 once again on your respective device. Doing this will solve the problem once and for all. And you will be no more bothered by any further issues related to this outstanding software.
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