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Artificial intelligence chatbots vs. apps

Because they are convenient and fast, apps are now an integral part of a variety of devices, from smartphones and tablets to watches, laptops and TVs. They have established themselves as the unique interface through which we interact with all of our smart devices.

And therein lies the problem. Consumers are tired of applications. Another difficulty is an issue that smaller developers struggle with: it is very difficult to get noticed on an application platform.

Apps also suffer from slightly more subjective issues, such as monetization through annoying ads, hardware changes, updates, and sign-up issues.

Therefore, although applications are a great tool in themselves, they face growing difficulties due to the participation of a gigantic market, in addition to not being the ideal customer service platform .

It is for all these reasons that users do not hesitate to uninstall an application. And the resulting void they leave will be replaced by chatbots.

Chatbots are the future. And companies that do not adopt them, giving preference to those that have artificial intelligence, will be penalized.

But by no means will chatbots replace applications entirely, just as applications did not kill websites. Apps were just an alternative to websites through a change in consumer preferences.

Chatbots, likewise, are simply a natural progression, mainly due to the rise of messaging platforms in our lives.

The IT Support Engineer is responsible for taking offer application and technical support to the users. They have to respond and resolve the support requests and service tickets.

Customer preferences are in conversation marketing, as users spend more than half the time they are online on some form of messaging platform.
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