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Telstra is one of Australia’s largest telecom company renowned for providing a variety of services. This company aims to provide the utmost level of satisfaction to its users. But the new users often face hassles in getting the Telstra mail on their respective devices. Be it Android users or Apple users, setting up an email client varies from operating system platform. If you are also stuck with the question of ‘bigpond email support australia’ then you can refer this blog for simple step by step guide.
It is not that this email doesn’t compete with other popular mails, but its users rarely face any glitches. You can follow the enlisted procedure for the Telstra mail setup on your mobile device.
Steps to get Telstra Mail on a phone
It must be noted here that these steps are for setting up Telstra email on your Android device. Apple users are advised to get in touch with the support executives for the procedure.
Step 1: On your Android phone, go to Apps > Settings
Step 2: Under the General settings, select Accounts > Choose to add account and select email
Step 3: Enter your Telstra email address and the password carefully, then tap manual setup. Select the IMAP and enter your email address in both the empty fields. Enter your password as well.
Step 4: In the IMAP server, enter IMAP.telstra.com and make sure the security type is SSL and Port is 993.
Step 5: Enter the SMTP.telstra.com and make sure to enter select security type as SSL and port as 465. Select the require sign in and click next.
Step 6: You can enable the sync settings at this step or you can opt to move forward by clicking next
Step 7: Name the account and then select done
Yet these steps are just for the basic configuration and can be followed by a non-tech user too. In case of any confusions or queries, you can reach out to bigpond support number australia to avail guidance from the technical experts at any time of the day.
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