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Few Innovative Ideas to Give Bathroom a Royal look

Don't you dream for a ravishing house every next day! A meaningless question I know. Everyone dream to have a huge house full of amenities and room-by-room bathrooms with LED Bathroom Mirror. In the last blog, I've given an idea of installing into Lighted Bathroom Wall Mirror and I got many mails about few more ideas to make bath-time royal & a status symbol.

That is the reason, I came up with a trendy idea that many celebs have already adopted. We all know that people (guest actually) judge your status & personality by how clean and beautiful you keep your bathroom. I explore the 2018 trends and come up with the five most innovative idea that you should consider while renovating your bathroom. Just go through this guide.

1)    Integrate bright lightings

Are you facing troubles while finding a hair dryer or your beauty essential? It's too dark, right? So, there is a solution to your problems and you can integrate into bright lightings which will give your bathroom look standard and also can make your work easy. Rather than a switch-operated light, you can add functionality as you can integrate into sensor light which will turn on & off automatically.

2)    Drawers for your gadgets

Don't you want your dryer, straightening machine or electronic toothbrush all at one place? Integrate into pocket doors where you can stash your grooming gadgets may be just what you need. You can compact the cabinet on the top of your vanity to put everything together for your convenience whenever you require.

3)    Organize things properly

There is the solution to your messy drawers. Any deep, roomy drawers conceal two small drawers and each of them boasts removable organizations that can be taken out when you are going to use and you can reconfigure whenever need occurs.

4)    Innovative door hinges

It is irritating that every morning you have to hear those cracking voice of bathroom doors. Just make it smooth & easy by integrating into door hinges. Innovative drawers and door systems can be your solid investment. It can not only deliver you a smooth and silent function but also gives you the safe and durable option.

5)    Mirrors can give your bathroom appeal

Mirror doors are a standard inclusion on the areas of the medicine cabinet when you shop around for your bathroom areas. As you can see at the sleek cabinet, a mirror back panel will give your cabinet a pleasing look and make your bathroom time more appealing. This design will also feature an adjustable built-in magnifying mirror which can slide here and there or up and down with different heights.

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