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Dr. Sandeep Vaishya is One the Most Experienced Gamma Knife Surgeon in India


Minimally invasive neurosurgery describes any procedure that is less invasive than an open surgery used for the same purpose, and is redefining the field of surgery. Minimally invasive surgery procedures usually involve laparoscopic devices and remote-controlled manipulation of surgical instruments with observation of the surgical field through a scope, either micro or endo. In traditional open neurosurgeries, surgeons need to make large incisions in order to operate and access the area of concern. 

Dr. Sandeep Vaishya the top gamma knife radiosurgery neurosurgeons in India

Dr Sandeep Vaishya

Dr. Sandeep Vaishya best gamma knife neurosurgeon in India is pleased to offer the gamma knife perfexion, a noninvasive tool specifically designed to treat many brain conditions including brain tumors and brain cancer. He offers highly effective, less-invasive treatment approaches that speed recovery and enable patients to experience improved function and a faster return to normal life. He provides personalized care of the highest quality in comfortable, modern treatment for patients and families. The gamma knife surgery with him is very lower about 30 to 70 percent less expensive when compared to the cost of the surgery in the developed nations. Also patients get many advantages in terms of results and affordability as the charges will be fewer since most of patients are to be released within a day and the recovery is faster thereby eliminates the hidden costs for the long convalescence.

We have a dedicated 'Neurosurgery Helpline ' number: +91-9325887033 and an email: dr.sandeepvaishya@neurospinehospital. Comfor the benefit of patients. This aims to provide comprehensive counseling and management to patients. 

Benefits of minimally invasive neurosurgery with Dr. Sandeep Vaishya in Delhi

Choosing to have minimally invasive neuro surgery with Dr. Sandeep Vaishya top minimal invasive neuro surgeon in Delhi can be a great way to relieve your pain. Minimally invasive neurosurgery these sophisticated stereotactic techniques--some of which are developed by him to pinpoint the exact location and size of a brain tumor or other abnormality. With surgery come questions, concerns and the search for the right surgeon. He prides himself on making sure his patients have all their questions answered so that they can feel comfortable throughout the whole process He is an award-winning neurosurgeon who offers optimal care for an array of neurovascular conditions,. In addition to caring for patients he is also world-class researchers. He is always looking for new ways to use endoscopic approaches to reduce the trauma of brain surgery.

Gamma knife radiosurgery in India: Why choose Dr. Sandeep Vaishya at Fortis Hospital Delhi?

When you come to Dr. Sandeep Vaishya, you benefit from:

  • Depth of experience: He performs about 300 Gamma Knife radio surgeries every year, more than double the volume of most surgeons performs in India. His extensive experience results in better outcome for patients.

  • Comprehensive care: He is the only Gamma knife surgeon in India that provides ongoing care after your treatment. Receiving follow-up care from the same expert who completed your surgery can aid in your recovery.

  • Pioneering leadership:  He has decades of experience in radio surgical techniques. He pioneers the science of radiosurgery more than 20 years ago. 

  • Convenience: He knows your time is valuable. He will work with you to schedule appointments on the same visit. 

Advantages of spine and neurosurgery service India

Spine and neurosurgery service India is one of the best medical providers in country.  Neuro and spine surgery with us is easily available at low costs. We are associated with number of hospitals and a panel of experienced neurologist who offer the best services for patients from across the world. All the superior surgeries, technology and medical treatments are available in India. We have experience of handling over 10000 patients from over 15 countries for more than 50 medical procedures in past 10 years. Performing a neurosurgery at low costs can be a risky job. And in western countries the treatments are expensive. We offer low cost neurology surgeries with best of post –operative care. Hence many international patients have already made the sensible and heartfelt choice of being operated through us.

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